Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Microsoft OSLO

At PDC this week, Microsoft has presented the OSLO tool suite. It is their new modeling initiative. They have a language infrastructure called M for building textual languages, specifically, they have the Mg language for defining grammars. They also have tool called Quadrant for building graphical DSLs. Finally, they have repository for storing the models, for access at build time and runtime. AFAIK, their ability to customize editors is limited, at least I haven't seen anything about it (Martin Fowler, says they have something...).

So this is certainly an interesting technology to follow! Here are some pointers:

Martin Fowler has a nice writeup that provides a good overview. The sessions at PDC will be available as video soon, I am told. TL27 and TL31 seem interesting. Finally, there's a set of docs, and also a download package available here.

If you're playing with it, I'd be interested in your expieriences....

Working with itemis

Starting December 2008, itemis and I will work together, opening a new itemis office in Stuttgart. There, we will focus (surprise, surprise!) on MDSD, DSLs, software architecture and product lines. Itemis is a leading service provide in those spaces, and there are a lot of synergies between us.

So why am I doing this? First and foremost, I need a way to scale my own work. Working alone, I am not able to help my customers actually implement the stuff I am "consulting" them about. So, by working with a company like itemis, there's a group of people that I can work with.

But of course there's also the opposite: working alone, it is not easy to evolve my own thinking. That's one of the main reasons I go to so many conferences. It is a way to talk to, discuss with and learn from other bright people in my spaces of interest. Working with the folks at itemis, I expect some of the same effects.

Of course, itemis is also a major contributor to Eclipse Modeling and openArchitectureWare (the team in Kiel, the recent cooperation with Ed Merks), so I am hoping to revamp my active involvement in openArchitectureWare.

Another reason for working together is that I want to reduce my travel. We are planning to build a team in Stuttgart which I will lead. I will continue to travel, working with customers, but at a reduced level. I will spend time with the team in Stuttgart, too.

Finally, together we also have plans for eLearning and using podcasts for online education. Needless to say I am eager to explore these areas, since podcasting and audio education is something I am very passionate about - see Software Engineering Radio

So, if you want to join us in Stuttgart, let me know... we are obviously looking for a few team members.
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blood Red Tape - the new Portal

In addition to Marillion's new record Happiness is the Road there's another record published this year you have to buy: Blood Red Tape by Portal from Canada. This is one hell of a progressive metal record, one of the best records I've ever listened to, really. Get it now!
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Messelcast - Podcast of my flying club

As (probably) the first flying club in Germany, Fliegergruppe Donzdorf, my club, has just started a podcast. It is in German, and covers all interesting aspects around flying, specifically flying at our Messelberg airfield. We already have 18 episodes in the can, and we'll release them over the winter.

If you're interested, there's a website, and there's also an RSS Feed.

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